Whether you are feeling stuck in a box, or you would like to hide from the world because you just don't think you have what it takes to get things done, or you don't believe you have the strength to deal with an adversity that is occurring in your life, resiliency coaching can help you to develop your resiliency skills and get your life back on track. This coaching is designed to provide you with tools to help you back to being the productive person you want to be.

It's not one and done. We live in a world of "quick fixes" and "five tips to stop..." and that is not what resilience is. Resiliency is a set of skills that are used again and again to help us through 

the difficult situations that we experience in our daily lives. At R.O.M.M.P., we think of resiliency as a daily practice, just as we might practice an instrument, a sport, gratitude, or a multitude of other activities. Resiliency coaching provides you with tools that can be easily integrated into a daily use, greatly enhancing your ability to bounce back quickly from a difficult situation.

What is resiliency coaching?​ It is coaching that pulls from the evidence based fields of cognitive behavioral psychology, positive psychology, mindfulness, yoga, as well as the latest research in the area of neuroscience. You work with your coach to assess your areas of concern and then a plan is developed that allows you to develop resiliency skills that will increase your productivity, creativity and sense of wellbeing.

resilience Coaching for a happier life