Karen has a natural ability to listen deeply and help her clients dig in and find their strengths and abilities, even when those abilities are hidden from the person they belong to. Her empathy and ability to walk along side you during difficult exploration, makes Karen a skilled and effective coach. She has a large toolbox filled with a variety of skills and she adept at helping her clients find the tools that will work best for them.

Karen developed R.O.M.M.P. in order to help people to fulfill their full potential. Her extensive knowledge base and experience has provided her with what she needed to develop this powerful, accessible program. Having worked in the private and public sector, Karen has developed a keen sense of how to help people reach their full potential.

Karen O. Lindstrom, Ed.S., has over twenty years experience of helping people to make changes in their lives. She has an innate desire to help people to make those difficult changes that will allow them to show up in the world as the best version of who they can be.

Karen has an broad knowledge base. In addition to her many years of experience, she also draws from her education, which includes an MS Ed. in educational psychology and Ed.S. in school psychology, as well as a certificate in positive psychology. In addition, she has completed training in applied behavioral analysis, neuro-linguistic programming, conversational hypnosis, and she is a Kripalu trained yoga teacher.

Karen has worked is a variety of educational settings and has a background in consulting, counseling, assessment, behavior management/change, data collection, improving community climate, problem-solving, and teaching mindfulness.

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