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​The skills that children need to be resilient aren't taught in schools.The R.O.M.M.P. program was designed to help teens develop resilience and provide them with the tools that they need to move forward and lead healthy and productive lives.

Our students learn how erroneous thinking can lead to negative emotions, as well as, becoming familiar with thinking traps and how those traps can be recognized and minimized. They will also learn how to manage situations that trigger shame and move forward in a positive and productive way. Most importantly, they are guided through activities that will inspire them to find their purpose in life.


When your resilience is depleted, you can't show up in your life in the way that you want. You may feel depressed, overwhelmed, or stuck in a rut and unable to get out. A sense of stagnation and inability to move forward can reign supreme. Perhaps you have reached a place in your life where you feel you have lost touch with your purpose in life and want to rediscover it, Karen is skilled at guiding people through their blocks to a place of discovery.

Karen will walk you through the process of recognizing thoughts and behaviors that are interfering with your ability to be the person you know you can be. Together you will design a resilience practice that you can easily integrate into you life.

Karen will provide you with tools that allow you to build your resilience and move forward in your life.


R.O.M.M.P. (Resilience, Optimism, Mindfulness, Meaning, Purpose), is a program that draws on the research from the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral psychology, and yoga.

R.O.M.M.P. was designed to teach people to recognize the thoughts and behaviors that cause them to become trapped in a cycle of unproductive negativity. R.O.M.M.P. then provides them with tools that they can use to overcome these thoughts and behaviors and helps them to develop effective resiliency skills.

R.O.M.M.P. supplies tools that allow people to access their innate wisdom and strength and guides them into developing a practice that strengthens their resilience and helps to increase their creativity and sense of wellbeing.

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Karen is an educator with over 20 years of experience helping people make difficult changes in their lives. Her vast experience and extensive training in a variety of fields provided her with the tools to develop a powerful coaching program that pulls from the well researched fields of cognitive behavioral psychology, positive psychology, applied behavior analysis, mindfulness, as well also pulling from the latest studies in neuroscience.

Karen helps her clients recognize their challenges and provides them with tools they can easily integrate into their daily life.